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GridTask Project: Java, PHP, JavaScript developer needed


Update october/03/2011

Here is the link to the sources


GridTask is a Open Source Grid Computing System project. 
"Grid computing combines computers from multiple administrative domains to reach common goal to solve a single task and may then disappear just as quickly" as Wikipedia says.

GridTask is a OpenSource software solution that will allow research centers or private to upload a job written in java (respecting few simple programming rules) that will run on this distributed infrastructure. 

In grid systems, each client which receive the job to compute is called Node.
In GridTask each node is a certified applet that will run directly from a web page, the bytecode executed from the applet should be certified by Oracle.
The applet can be inserted in sites like Wikipedia and more, which would allows people to draw scientific informations and also tacitly collaborate in scientific research providing a small slice of their CPU time ("computation") to solve computational problems joining in an "ACTIVE WAY" for research.
The infrastructure is composed by a Server Broker which is a server that registers Nodes and  project's Resource Brokers.
Resource Brokers are distributed resource schedulers able to choose at which node assign the computation. Each uploaded project has its Resource Broker which run inside the remote site of and managed internally by GridTask System.
GridTask infrastructure should be completely written in Java using Oracle JDK or OpenJDK respecting Java6SE standards and RMI Remote Method Invocation for more infos about this click here.
For NAT traversal and fast p2p interaction we should use JXSE and JXTA2 or uPNP Lib for RMI which enables uPnP Standards NAT traversal to realize this high-performance, massively scalable distributed computing over p2p network.

About the site:
GridTask site (domain to buy) will allow people to register and have their applet HTML code (the applet with USERID code) to insert in sites, also will allow to control the incoming traffic and read statisics about the jobs received.
The site with the great number of visitors for day will receive different premiums and advertising on GridTask site.
The GridTask site should provide to research centers to upload jobs, write informations about the uploaded job (job documentation) and attend the job to be validated (to avoid security issues) by Eliggible GridTask Security Commission. Each job to compute will have a webpage under GridTask domain wich will allow to see the computational progress and statistics.

This is our opportunity to achieve something of concrete and free (free as OpenSource and free as free of charge) to help scientific research even in countries like Italy where scientific research is at the bottom place in the list....

How to join GridTask project:

JAVA, PHP,  JavaScript programmers needed:

Please if you are a java, php, javascript developer and you want to participate the GridTask Porject, please send me an email or visit this site:


Vincenzo Dentamaro, IT Professional Developer.

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